How to create quality content? – Step 11

  • Post often, but don’t be annoying;
  • Keep your followers close;
  • Be positive – negativity repels;
  • Don’t be too laudatory;
  • Be bold, get out of your comfort zone.

Properly selected content generates a higher engagement rate for your account. Here are some tips for the types of content you can use in your posts:

Post photos of beautiful views that have inspired you. Share with your followers the places you’ve visited and tell briefly what has impressed you, how you have spent your time and how you have felt seeing these beautiful views.

Take a picture of your clothes. Tell your followers about your style and what trend are you following at the moment. The photo can be taken when you are wearing the clothes – ask someone to take a picture of you or make a selfie. Another option is to arrange your clothes on the bed and shoot them from above – also called layout photo.

Share a photo of the book you are reading on a beautifully arranged table, for example. In this way you will show more about yourself and your interests. You will bring your followers closer to the things you like and give them ideas for different types of readings that they may like.

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