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Exclusive Interview for Revtag – Alina Stetcu With More Than 126K Followers On Instagram

Exclusive Interview for Revtag – Alina Ștețcu @girlisart With More Than 126K Followers On Instagram

Q: How did you get started as an Instagram influencer?
A: Back in 2016 I opened this account ( @girlisart ) so I can post pictures that I didn’t have the courage to post on my personal account. Slowly things developed into what it is today.

Q: Was it hard for you to enter and find your space on Instagram as a brand new influencer?
A: No, I was just posting pictures I liked and all of a sudden people seemed interested. I got my first paid collaboration with Whirlpool when I had 28k followers. I saw girls in the USA who could drop their 9 to 5 job because they started to make a good income at 5k followers. In Europe things are different. I am now at 126k followers but I still can’t quit my job. I rarely have paid collabs.

Q: Has becoming an influencer changed your lifestyle? How?
A: No, it hasn’t. Not even a bit.

Q. Do you have any big goals as an influencer for 2021? Can you tell us a bit more about that?
A: Well, I would love to do it as a full time job but it’s hard if I am not being represented by an agency. I lost the count to how many I wrote but they didn’t reply. I honestly don’t know what an agency is looking for when picking who to represent.

Q: What is your biggest passion and what kind of photos you love to share on Instagram?
A: I like to create content. I recently created a YouTube channel where I do vlogs. Editing videos is quite a challenge but I have fun while doing so. My pictures have that fashion magazine style. Very bright and colorful. I like to call it editorial. It could be about an outfit, jewelry or the beautiful places I visit.

Q: What’s been the most exciting moment you have experienced since becoming an influencer?
A: Nothing exciting really happened. My life is the same.

Q: How do you choose the brands you cooperate with?
A: If I like what they are creating and how they are creating, I accept. I don’t approach brands, I let them come to me. I used to brand pitch back in the days without success tho, so I stopped.

Q: What would you wish to all Revtag followers?
A: Stop overthinking. Follow your dreams

Q: What advice do you have to people who are trying to gain followers on Instagram?
A: If someone is finding out, please let me know too, lol. I find it really hard. Quality content is not enough

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