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Which programs should I use to process my photos? – Step 9

The first thing we will pay attention to is the light. The best light to take a good photo on Instagram is called “golden hour”. These are the last hours of sunshine, when the rays are no longer too strong, but rather gently touch the skin, instead of illuminating it. This interval between day and night is the perfect time to take a photo.

If you still have not been able to take advantage of the last rays of the sun, there is a way to process your photo well enough. Processing is one of the main things that a person must learn if he wants his content to be aesthetically pleasing. There are programs that can be useful to you and here are some of them.

One of the applications that can be useful to you is SnapSeed – a program that works on both iOS and Android. Easy to use, with the ability to add filters, frames and other settings. One of its most distinctive features is HDR Scape, which helps to increase the clarity and sharpen the colors in the frame.

Another one is Adobe Photoshop Lightroom SS, which has recently been adapted for phones. The program is very good in photo processing and has a very well-developed mobile application. The photos are saved with high quality. Lightroom CC features the Color Mix function, which is used to change the colors of various objects in your frame.

VSCO is an application which is ideal for people who take pictures with their phones. Easy to use, with filters that can be used on all photos, so you can stick to one line in your feed. One of the functions that VSCO is connected with is the Grain function. It gives a retro feel to the frame and is ideal for fans of this type of photography.

Another important thing, if you want to create a good photo for Instagram, are the colors. If you want a good look of your platform profile, you need to stick to one theme, otherwise it looks chaotic and messy. Most of the influencers worldwide have their own topics and process their photos in the same way so that they can stick to them.

If you find it difficult to adhere to one color range when processing your photos, you can use one color accent for the three photos, which are in a row, so you will have something in the same color – green, yellow, blue, etc.

The next thing we will talk about is clothing. Some of the most popular hashtags on Instagram are #ootd (outfit of the day), #fashionista, #instafashion. They will bring a lot of traffic to your photo, but they must be adequately placed, otherwise you risk your profile being banned if they have nothing to do with the  photo. Your clothing should be one of the focuses of photography and be consistent from sunglasses to shoes.

It is important for your photos to be taken with a concept and to have some idea behind them. This turns the photo into quality content, worthy of an Instagram feed. Besides, you must have noticed that the minimalist approach is in vogue at the moment – photos are simple, without unnecessary and intrusive objects. The focus is on the person and what he is doing, not on what surrounds him.

These are the tricks that can help you maintain a good profile that is eye-catching, but simple enough at the same time. These simple tricks improve the content quality and the traffic on your page.


RevTag’s Collaboration With Madison From UK

November 16, 2020

RevTag’s Collaboration With Madison From UK

November 16, 2020

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