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Frequently Asked Questions About Influencer Marketing


Frequently Asked Questions About Influencer Marketing


If you have not heard about Influencer Marketing, well, you have missed a lot! The concept is absolutely essential to modern-day brand marketing. Not only because it increases sales, creates awareness for your brand, but it is an interesting and different way to advertise your brand, product or service.

Before starting an influencer marketing campaign, you should be aware of a few details. The following points will answer some of the most important questions regarding influencer marketing.

What are the different types of influencers?

In reality, your brand will be able to choose the right influencer from a long, long list of personalities, whose spheres of influence span over almost all existing aspects of life.

You have to make sure that the influencer you have chosen fits your corporate agenda. Also it is of high importance to be certain that the content the influencers has put out previously is not something dramatically different than what you’d want him to advertise.

Here are the categories:

The informative one: This type of influencer is one that has built his following on sharing knowledge. His audience is devoted to his content and values his opinion immensely. Influencers of this kind often create tutorials, documentaries, or “how to” type of content. “Useful information” is what they present on a daily basis.

The activist: No matter if the drive comes from politics, religion or any other type of creed, this type of influencer would attract followers who are likely to believe the same principles.

The instigator:  This is the tricky one. These influencers are focused on the idea to stir up drama.

The public figure/celebrity: They already have a huge following, mostly because of their personal achievements in music, cinema, politics, etc. They are referred to as “celebrities”. Although they have an enormous reach, they are the most detached type of influencers when it comes to the personal connection with their followers.

The respected one: Known in the digital world as an expert in his field, this type of influencer is focused on one particular sphere. His following would find his tips valid at all times.

The friend: A type of influencer who is closest to his audience. These influencers tend to know a lot about the “internet universe” and often post content focused on their way of life/personal life.

To choose the perfect influencer for your brand is the most important aspect of your marketing strategy. It is crucial to make the right choice.

What is the influencer’s impact?

An influencer can help spread awareness for your brand, clear your brand name, make sure your brand is associated with exactly what is needed and more. Of course the success of such a campaign will depend on the agenda and budget your brand provides.

How do brands and influencers cooperate?

Sponsored content: The influencer could post an article or blog post about your brand, service or product, using a platform for digital sharing.

Shared content: In this case the influencer would post content on a number of platforms (eg. Facebook + Twitter) and/or repost previously put out content.

Joint content: Some influencers work with the brands to create products. Of course afterwards they are a focal point in the advertising process.

Gifting: One of the most popular ways to advertise a product is to create a game with the help of an influencer and make a giveaway. The process is very interesting and engages the public, and in addition creates a positive image of your brand.

How much does influencer marketing cost?

The short answer is “it depends”, though there are a couple of ways to determine the price.

Short term: The brand pays for a bundle of social media mentions or post. For example: a brand could pay $5 000 to an IT specialist for 5 different brand related posts on Instagram.

Long term: The brand could choose to establish a long term deal with an influencer, who would be bound to post brand related content consistently.

The price would differ, depending on the influencer’s follower count, expertise and the post’s statistics.

Should your brand choose to work with influencers?

Definitely! Influencer marketing is a way to directly affect potential consumers. Influencers bypass a lot of boundaries that contemporary advertising is struggling with. The effectiveness of the content that is being put out is easily trackable, and in turn – could be shown to potential future partners.

Generally, influencer marketing is a versatile option of advertising and it does work. Researchers estimate that this field is constantly growing and funding is skyrocketing. There is one sure thing – without Internet activity your brand, service or product would not have the success it deserves.

Step 2 – Which social networks should I be present on?

November 6, 2020

Step 2 – Which social networks should I be present on?

November 6, 2020

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