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Revtag’s Interview with Stefania @stefaniaiero – Aesthetic Creator From Romagna

1.Tell us more about yourself?

I’m a simple girl who loves all that is beautiful, animals, traveling, learning new things, eating sushi and being with the family.

2.What inspired you to become an influencer and how has your journey evolved since then?

 Let’s say that I define myself as a micro influencer and I found myself by chance in this world with a lot of passion. I have been carrying it forward and making it grow for some time because I like to make known everything that is beautiful and good about what I feel.

3.How do you maintain authenticity and stay true to yourself while navigating the influencer industry? 

I remain true to myself and maintain authenticity because my character allows me to,I am a girl with a head on my shoulders and with few crickets on my mind. 

4.How do you balance your personal life with your online presence as an influencer? 

Being on social media takes up a lot of time and in fact in the past I had problems with my family but they were solved by marking out the time to devote to social media and everyday life.

5.How do you choose the brands you cooperate with?

I don’t choose the brands I work with but they contact me and I decide whether to accept or not based on the offers they offer.

6.Can you share a behind-the-scenes story or moment that your followers might not be aware of?

Some of my  followers don’t know this story because I had to hide it because I signed up for a social network where it paid very well for the sale of photos and I had to make a choice not to share it with everyone I did so as not to make one of my audience feel bad but at that moment I needed easy money, I’m not ashamed of it and I don’t regret it but I no longer do it for personal choices.

7.What would you wish for all Revtag followers?

I wish all ReVtag flowers a life full of beautiful things.

8.What trends or shifts do you foresee in the influencer industry in the coming years? 

There are changes every day and it is difficult to establish from here in the short term, but in any case many things will change because the world of social networks is always in positive evolution.

9.How do you stay creative and continue to come up with fresh content ideas?

Luckily I don’t lack creativity and I always stay in line with the aesthetic trends of the moment, always trying to put my own into it. 

10.How do you deal with criticism or negative feedback as an influencer, and what advice would you give to others facing similar challenges?

I let the criticisms slide off the opinion can’t always be positive, you can’t please everyone and luckily it would be a problem otherwise.

My advice is to remain authentic with your head and feet firmly on the ground and think that tomorrow the sun will rise more beautifully than yesterday, be kind and appreciate what you have.

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