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RevTag’s Interview With Beautiful Brandie


RevTag’s Interview With Beautiful Brandie @b_rodbeauty


Q: How did you get started as an Instagram influencer?

A: I started this page when my friends couldn’t remember what products I used that I liked/disliked! I also wanted to keep track of products for myself.


Q: Was it hard for you to enter and find your space on Instagram as a brand new influencer?

A:  I would say it was difficult at first (and STILL is) because I was unaware of how things work on instagram. I had bad lighting, I didn’t use many hashtags, I didn’t talk to people and create relationships.

Q: Has becoming an influencer changed your lifestyle? How?

A:  I would say this “influencer” hobby has helped me understand the beauty industry more and be aware of ingredients and company ethics.

Q: Do you have any big goals as an influencer for 2021? Can you tell us a bit more about that?

A: The goals I have for the new year would be to reach 1,500 people enjoying my page. I would also say I would like a few skincare lines to reach out for PR.

Q: What is your biggest passion and what kind of photos you love to share on Instagram?

A:  My biggest passion is experimenting with longwear makeup since I have oily skin and live in Texas. I love to share photos with my fern/palm plant ? in my basket ?.

Q: What’s been the most exciting moment you have experienced since becoming an influencer?

A: The most exciting moment really was having another skincare line reach out when I had less than stellar opinions on the products & they sent me their new line to try!

Q: How do you choose the brands you cooperate with?

A: Brands that I would work with are skincare focused with environmental ethics or are smaller brands that have a homie feel to them. I look at if the range would help a lot of people or just one specific person.

Q: Are you happy with the collaboration with our agency RevTag?

A: I enjoyed working with y’all! I wanted to do my best to show the creams well.

Q: What would you wish to all Revtag followers?

A: I would wish that all the Revtag followers would look at ingredients first in a product and not be so swayed by pretty packaging or what claims are on the front of the item.

Q: What advice do you have to people who are trying to gain followers on Instagram?

A: Advice I have is to really talk to people on here and not send just generic comments, or spam people with likes. Talk to people about their lives other than this realm of makeup/skincare!

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