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RevTag’s Collaboration With Famous Bulgarian Influencers Suzie and Reni

RevTag’s Collaboration With Suzie and Reni @suzieandreni

How did you get started as an Instagram influencer?

  • We started working like Instagram influencers when we became “kind” of famous. It was like a year ago. We were already  known as Suzie and Reni.

Was it hard for you to enter and find your space on Instagram as a brand new influencer?

  • The interest about us fairly quickly boosts. Maybe at the beginning there was 6/7 months of working without getting anything, and no one wanted to work with us.. but the point is that we had a plan and we pursued it. We don’t remember how hard it was, because our motivation was stronger than everything.

Has becoming an influencer changed your lifestyle? How?

  • For sure our lifestyle has changed. Now we are one of the most wanted influencers in Bulgaria and the coolest thing is that we almost every week gets brand new stuffs like make up and clothes, hair cosmetics and etc.. and “ha-ha” yeah since we are known kids stops us everywhere to take a photo and they completely fall into a state of euphoria when they are around us

Do you have any big goals as an influencer for 2021? Can you tell us a bit more about that?

  • We have one big rule “do not tell anyone before it happens!” So we are about to say nothing. Stay tuned.

What is your biggest passion and what kind of photos you love to share on Instagram?

  • Our biggest passion is to dance and this is our life. Maybe the most we love to share our funny unsuccessful and even abnormal and insane photos or videos. They are our power because people love to see how other people failed

What’s been the most exciting moment you have experienced since becoming an influencer?

  • The existing moments are all the time. We get crazy every time when a new brand contracts us. And now we even work with hotels and have the opportunity to tour all over Bulgaria. Everyday is a exciting day that’s it ?‍♀️

How do you choose the brands you cooperate with?

  • Our decisions are resting on everyone being satisfied, it is important for us that the final price corresponds to the work done. If we can’t reach a consensus, we just don’t start a  project. and of course it has to match the product to the audience. we do not advertise things that would harm children’s minds or it’s bad to be seen by them.

Are you happy with the collaboration with our agency RevTag?

  • Yes we do. We enjoy our work together.

  What would you wish to all Revtag followers?

  • Never give up! Everything is gonna be alright! 

What advice do you have to people who are trying to gain followers on Instagram?

  • Be real. Share things that make you happy. Don’t try to copy/paste someone cuz this is not you and that personality is already taken. Try to escape the box and be creative and don’t give up, because it will take time and you will have to keep going and not stop until you achieve your goal

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