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Stunning I V E L I N A From Bulgaria – Exclusively For RevTag

Stunning I V E L I N A @stylish.toast Exclusively For RevTag

  • How did you get started as an Instagram influencer?

I was kind of obsessed with Instagram since 2013. Started to upload photos of places, restaurants, food and of course pics of my daily outfits, but just for fun. Then in 2016 I launched the website Stylish Toast and create a new, business Instagram account to inspire and motivate people, based on my personal life experience.

  • Was it hard for you to enter and find your space on Instagram as a brand new influencer?

Absolutely not! If you know what you want, if you have a clear idea, you CAN and you WILL.

  • Has becoming an influencer changed your lifestyle? How?

Of course! Instagram makes me more creative, more open mind and the most important GIFT – I’ve met amazing people and now some of them are more than family.

  • Do you have any big goals as an influencer for 2021? Can you tell us a bit more about that?

I have many goals for 2021. But the most important are to empower others to embrace their INDIVIDUALITY and to be themselves.

  • What is your biggest passion and what kind of photos you love to share on Instagram?

Fashion is my passion, you know. And prefer kind of editorial photos.

  • What’s been the most exciting moment you have experienced since becoming an influencer?

The most exciting moment was the first event! Stylish Toast was one month old and I received an invitation for one big fashion event.

  • How do you choose the brands you cooperate with?

I’m choosing the right brands in 3 steps – research, communicate and brainstorm with the brand members and if I like the mission and the message of the brand, the magic happens.

  • Are you happy with the collaboration with our agency RevTag?

I’m happy when I work with creative people and think this year we can do more and work hard for the best collaborations. Right?

  • What would you wish to all Revtag followers?


  • What advice do you have to people who are trying to gain followers on Instagram?

To be creative, to share real content and to be honest with the followers.

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